Questions to ask the Breeder

The questions listed below here are only suggestions to make potential mini owners aware of some problems you may encounter while looking for a new family mini.

1. NEVER purchase from a Petshop or a Newspaper advertisement especially those who have only a mobile phone contact and wish to deliver the puppy to you, as you have no idea where it came from or how it was raised. After the litter is sold the   phone is discarded and a new number is obtained for the next litter and should anything go wrong you will not be able to contact the Breeder. These people are    Puppy Farmers or Backyard breeders who often do not check on the genetic state of the animals they are breeding or socializing the puppies to ensure physically sound with outgoing temperaments.

2. Always check that the person you are purchasing from show their dogs and check the pedigree (family tree) to make sure there are Champions listed in there. You are entitled to a "Limited Registration Certificate" and the puppy must be microchipped and come with a Vaccination Certificate & worming record.

3. It is advised not to purchase a puppy without a "Written Guarantee" for the puppy for Inherited Diseases. Do not accept a 1-3 year guarantee but demand one for "Life of the Dog" as most problems such as Cataracts, PRA, Heart or Kidney problems do not always occur before 4 or 5 years or older. If they state they have no problems then why won't they give a guarantee?   Be very suspicious.

4. If you purchase a puppy it is not advisable to enter into "contracts" allowing any female puppies to go back to the breeder for litters as they are making lots of money out of your dog, what if your bitch dies having the litter, are they going to give you another one and start the same scenario all over again?

5. By law your puppy must be a minimum of eight (8) weeks of age before you may take it home so make sure you have all Feeding & Training Instructions your Vaccination Certificate plus Worming Regime also Heartworm Prevention as well.

Above all else never impulse buy and be very careful and if they have large numbers of puppies availalble i.e 15-20 or more,  they are "Puppy Farmers".


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